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Fashion Forward Apparels Are The Talk Of The Industry - How True Is It?

The buzz around body positivity is quite astounding. All bodies are gorgeous the way they are - how often have you heard one preach something similar? Right from celebrities to the honchos in the fashion industry, unrealistic body standards are not embraced by most. Quite the reason why plus-size dresses for women are easy to spot in all leading stores and mainstream fashion portals. 

Gone are the days when looking pretty revolved around one’s body weight, toned waistline, and a snatched figure. The industry has evolved by leaps and bounds. Plus-sized or lean, the industry now offers modish and new merchandise options for all sizes and all weights. 

Not sure if the plus-size range includes trendy jackets for women or dresses that cast a spell? Well, fashion is truly a state of mind. A size 16 or a size 8, nothing really matters. The market today is quite inclusive and brimming with options of all kinds. Funky jackets, ribbed bottoms, classy workwear, party picks, comfortable loungewear, and more. Plus-sized clothing options are just as inexhaustive as the petite. Little did you know that the curvy and fashion-forward industry is growing every year. Of course, trendy and fashion-forward styles are available in numbers. 

So, don’t worry about sizing up or give a hoot to what others think of your weight. You can still stand out as a snappy dresser in the most trendy outfits. The Arcade Collection houses designer apparel in diverse styles, versatile silhouettes, and more. Explore the line-up and pick your favorites. 

Tips to dress right

Now that the myths of not having enough gowns for women, especially the plus-sized, are out of the way, are you curious to learn a few tips to style your attire better? Let’s help you with a quick style guide. 

1. The Fit

Frankly, there’s no one silhouette that works like magic. You might feel comfortable slipping into a baggy fit. However, form-fitting dresses are just as flattering. It hugs your curves right. Try a fit and flare dress to define your curves. Wrap dresses for women are the latest in vogue and flatter a curvy structure well. 

2. The Necklines

Fanned-out necklines and plunging necklines look beautiful on curvy women. For example, a V-neck adds length to the torso and highlights the neckline. Scooped necks look pretty too. It accentuates the fit around the bust, adding more structure and shape to the top wear. 

Don’t shy away from trying new styles and cuts. Peplum, for instance, elevates your curves and adds more definition to your waist. 

3. Pair outfits with jackets for women 

Have you always been dubious about wearing a jacket? Well, a jacket or a shrug for women suits all and sundry, regardless of one’s shape or size. Play around with styles and lengths to figure out what accentuates your curves best. Try layering with a structured jacket or a stylish longline jacket. Accessorize with a belt to add a cinched effect and more structure to your outfit. 

4. Denim bottoms

A pair of good jeans is a must-have in any wardrobe. Do not avoid donning a comfy and casual denim bottom only because you are not confident to pull off a chic look. Stick by a trial and error process. Experiment with fits, right from boot cuts and slim fits to high-waisted jeans and straight cuts. Fix upon a style that adds more length to your bottom half and draws off the attention from your torso to your long legs. 

Much like dresses and jackets for women, it is essential to invest some thought into accessorizing your outfit. Keep a close eye on your proportion and frame. Here are a few pointers: 

Go for belts to add more structure and shape

Heels and pointed toes are certain shoes that amp up the overall appeal of a silhouette

Accessories like long neck chains win more attention towards the yolk. Figure out a length that looks pleasing to the eyes.