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Resort Wear For Women - Style Hacks And Insider Tips You Have Been Missing

Are you planning a getaway to the tropics? Might as well pack in some stellar outfits and trendy resort wear. Little did you know that resort wear stands for fun and quirky vacation dress codes. Right from the long flowy gowns to the high-low printed capes, resort wear for women are available in umpteen styles and colors. Although a mainstream fashion today, vacation outfits were majorly a forte for luxury designers. The concept too is not a new addition to the latest fashion calenders. Instead, resort wear was first brought into the limelight, decades ago, in the pre-World War II years. The aristocrats then had the privilege to set cruise into far-off destinations for a thrilling holiday and to beat the frosty chills of winters. The apparel that kicked off a trend back in the day soon evolved into a leading season in the fashion circles. 

So, what is resort wear all about? 

How often do you associate resort wear for women with swimsuits, flip flops, coverups, sarongs, hats, etc? Wondering if that wraps up the idea of resort or holiday fashion? Absolutely not! Vacation dress codes are not restricted to beach outfits or swimwear. What would you slip into when dropping by a picturesque hill station? A sarong surely wouldn’t cut it. 

Resort wear typically refers to a range of relaxed and peppy vacation outfits. The lineup could include a top, shirt, trousers, shorts, big fat tote bags, and anything really. Besides, you could get dressed in smart and neat formal wear or a flattering bold gown, and it would still count as resort wear for women. 

Key takeaways: 

Resort attire is not necessarily a beach outfit or a swim gear

Evening dresses and formal outfits are also categorized as resort wear

Vacation dressing mostly centers around the use of breathable fabrics, relaxed fits, and comfortable styles

Resort outfits can be casual, elegant, or sassy. 

What does the term ‘Resort dress codes’ imply? 

Cramming the cases with the right clothes is a pressing need when you are gearing up for a holiday. Keeping tabs on the weather in the area is a good idea. Imagine carrying a bag chockful of bright summer dress for women when it is pretty chilly in reality. In short, outfits can make or break your holiday. 

If you have been dropping anchors to the most exotic and lavish hotels since times unknown, you are certainly familiar with terms like ‘elegant casual’ or ‘resort casual.’ Never quite understood what the terms denote? Well, it mostly refers to a casual informal style in a fun and leisure setting like a resort. Dressing comfortably is a game changer. You can slip into the comfiest pair of sneakers, a t-shirt, or shorts and call it a day. A relaxed and snug dress code is what a resort casual primarily signifies. 

Resort evening wear - how is this term different from the other? It is a no-brainer that women mostly choose to dress in toned-down and casual attire when globetrotting. However, a few swanky resorts are very specific about guest dress codes. Women are expected to get dressed in modest and elegant attire like a pencil skirt, paired with a dapper flared blouse and close-toed shoes. Men too, are no exception. Heading for a fancy dinner at the property in a relaxed flip-flop is out of the question. In a nutshell, resort evening wear is outfits that are chic, refined, and modest. 

Finally, what’s elegant casual? Frankly, the term spills the beans. The outfit must be elegant and all things classy. It is typically a dress code you would follow when dropping by an upscale restaurant or a luxurious club. Women dressed in elegant casual choose to get draped in modern dressy numbers, accessorized with nicer shoes. Men on the other hand resort to long-sleeve shirts and trousers. No shorts or t-shirt is reckoned appropriate for the given dress code. 

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