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Striking New Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas For The Fashion Conscious

It’s been a tricky two years but thankfully, the pompous wedding affairs are back with a bang. Certainly, the right time to switch up your wardrobe and add a few custom wedding season outfits to your stack. Planning ahead in time saves you the hassle of shopping random outfits in a spry and shelling out riches on dresses. Looking for pretty wedding dress inspiration? Let’s help you figure out a few offbeat wedding ensembles and rising trends this season. 

1. Long, flowy, and embellished tunic - Are you wearing the hats of a bridesmaid at your dear friend’s wedding? Well, believe or not, you will always have your plates full with chores to do. Slipping into a flowy and breezy tunic is both comfortable and stylish. Of course, a dash of bling and intricate golden embroidery details jazz up the look and feel of the gorgeous wedding dress. Pair the dress with chunky accessories to look jaw-dropping. 

2. Co-ords with a hint of Indian accent - It is no secret that Indian weddings are showy, vibrant, and have a whole different vibe. Looking on fleek is pretty much a mandate when you walk into a plush and grand wedding. Wear jazzy co-ord ensembles to look modish and edgy. Don’t shy away from experimenting with your looks. Co-ords are up for grabs in various styles. Get dressed in a beautifully embroidered corset-style top, paired with a flattering palazzo, and a long and flowy jacket, preferably transparent and a little jazzed up with exquisite sequin details.

3. Technicolor lehengas - Speaking of the latest-in-style wedding gown for women, technicolor lehengas are quite the buzz. If it hasn’t sparked your memory just yet, the retro pattern and metallic silhouettes were a big hit then and are just as eye-pleasing now. Designers are truly focused on bringing the 90’s winning silhouette right into the limelight. Also, a classic lehenga is versatile and never goes out of vogue. Look like a million bucks shining in a gorgeous technicolor lehenga. 

4. Ethnic jumpsuit - Do you have a splendid destination wedding to attend? Great! Choose to pack outfits that are not heavy as a log, yet classy, jazzy, and pack a punch. Ethnic jumpsuits are voguish, comfortable, and sassy fits for grand wedding affairs. Not sure if a jumpsuit would hit the mark for a lavish evening soiree? Well, jumpsuits for occasions like nuptials are not your ordinary casual outfits. The wedding dress or ethnic jumpsuit refers to an exorbitant and dressy outfit that features elaborate details, bold colors, and a hint of glitz. 

5. Embellished gowns - Don’t you plan to look striking and drop-dead-gorgeous at your best friend’s wedding? Well, a full-blown sequinned gown with magnificent flares makes a killer statement. Experiment with colors, contemporary styles, necklines, patterns, and more. Gowns make for a perfect wedding dress for women

Are you comfortable slipping into a flared-out ball gown to look modest and dressy? Well, there are ample styles up for grabs? Long beautiful slits, colorful floral numbers, plunging necklines, A-line cuts, and more - do not hold back from trying newer patterns, colors, and designs. 

6. Graceful Anarkali - A floor-length Anarkali is pretty much a wedding staple, don’t you agree? The outfit looks flattering on all body types and exudes grace and opulence. What’s more? You can spare cladding yourself in heavy ornaments when wearing an Anarkali. The wedding dress looks exquisite and showy in itself. Opt for pieces with stunning mirror works or intricate embroidery works. It adds more to the oomph and charm of a flowy long Anarkali dress. 

7. Saree add-ons - Planning to get draped in elegant and traditional 5 yards? Sounds classic! This season, pep up a time-kissed saree look with fashionable adds-on like mesh or exuberantly embroidered jackets, an over-the-top blouse, etc. Well-fitted jackets with gorgeous floral motifs and bright hues steal the spotlight. Statement blouses have made quite a dapper entry into the fashion circles. Do not hesitate to try new styles like fringe details, peplum cuts, and more. 

8. Go big on white - While listing down fashion-forward wedding dress options for women, it is impossible to miss a striking and alluring all-white ensemble. Right from a saree to a skirt and crop top ensemble, the grace and charm of beautiful white fabric is unparalleled. Go for a pulled-back hairstyle, a pair of statement earrings, and perfectly dewy makeup to stand out looking arresting and drop-dead gorgeous. 

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